Windsack, 2011 / Hospiz Gallery Bregenz

»Go West« / view of installation / Hospiz Gallery Bregenz / 2011


Hybrid, 2012

»Beziehungsweise« / view of installation  / Wittmann Schauraum Vienna / 2012

Inner Tubes, Fabric


American Dream, 2008

»Hinterland« / View of installation / American Dream / Mackey Garage, LA / 2008
Dumpster, white emulsion paint



Der Wald Voller Bäume, 2005


The installation »Der Wald voller Bäume« (The wood full of trees) is the result of first-hand perception, perception through the camera, and their back-translation into three dimensions. The spatial tableau is narrative in structure, albeit without actually relating a story. The eye meets perspectives, foreshortenings, sections and reflections – characteristics displayed by perception in the everyday and in the media view of the world. The question is how we see, what we recognise, how we interpret what we see, and to what extent we now experience the media in reality.

View of installation, light-well of the University of Applied Arts, Vienna / 2005


75 PVC tubes (3m high) on steel rope, aligned on the basis of a special spatial grid.

1 dropcloth, white, 2 dropcloths, silver, orange rubble bags, adhesive foil on glass (semi-transparent, painted), 2 loudspeakers, 1 monitor, 1 video camera on tripod,

1 DVD, 05:00 min. loop (delayed stills from the interior),

1CD, 05:00 min. loop (sound collage “Frogs”)



Failing Fox, 2004


The video »horror vacui e-scape« is screened in the exhibition room of the Kunstpavillon parallel to the intervention in the Hofgarten. The monitor is positioned right next to the window so that it can be watched from outside. If you turn your eye away from the monitor by ninety degrees, you find yourself facing a perspective view. The white surface is the result of a projection and serves as a quotation. The film only plays in the viewer's imagination and the newly defined space is available for a performative exploration.

horror vacui e-scape / Video / 4 min Loop / 2003

View of intervention / Hofgarten Innsbruck / 2004
Chalk paint on tree bark and metal